Two face

His skin was dark as tar,

His heart a deep, dark jar.

On his face was a smile,

As much as he lived on a dark isle.

He lived like a king,

Soaring high on an eagle’s wing.

Joy to the world he gave,

Spreading it by a mere wave.

No one saw the devil beneath his skin

So with open arms they let him in.

He walked with a gait,

Thinking he could control fate.

He was too proud

Living a life so loud.

He was a true friend indeed,

Always there in the time of need.

But in between us developed a sore

That made everything sour.

From his life I was banned

As if nothing ever occurred.

I gave him my heart,

And he tore it apart.

Into my heart, he drove a pin

And later threw it in a bin.

Now fear trickles down my spine.

Prohibiting me from being fine.

I wish I could take it all back.

And get my life back on track…



My Father who art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy name,

Thy angels come to guard and

protect me as I sleep.

Give me this day my daily rest.

Forgive me of my drowsiness,

As I forgive those

who wake me up with kicks and blows.

Save me from sleep talking,

and deliver me from nightmares.

For mine is the good grade,

The success and fulfilment,

Now and forever,



Oh you demon with a halo

Had I known, had I seen your

Red color earlier

I wouldn’t be nursing wounds

Of the heart break you caused me

To you I came with love,

Showering you with words

sweeter than honey.

Like a loyal spouse

I stood by your side

Even when the entire

world was against you.

When you broke the bridge

between us

I rebuilt it and

strengthened it with

steel and iron bars.

You now find flaws

and repay with blows

Every night a tear flows

closer to my end draws

me. My heart bleeds, never glows

Our masked love in ruin wallows.

A doubled headed creature you are

Changing lanes to be

“With me” today and

” against me” tomorrow.

Then you’ll come and call me darling,

“I love you, ” you keep saying

And expect all is well – going.

Though I must admit that

I shall never forget you


Life’s journey

Around this world I’ve been walking,

An answer I’ve been searching.

I dived the deepest sea

For wonder to see.

Climbed the highest mountain

For a magical experience to obtain.

Though I found no answer,

I searched further.

The meaning of life.

The reason behind our strife.

The need of a friend,

When your heart they always bend.

However, one thing I learned,

From what I searched,

A price all shall pay

For their chosen way.