I look back and remember

The days the sun was amber.

Me seated in a corner,

Alone with no one to bother.

So much I loved that lonesome peace.

Then you came along

With a new song

That said one was made out of two

And I foolishly thought it was true.

In a moment or two

All was through.

Another dose of rejection

With a double shot of eternal humiliation.

Leaving a blaze of fury

And insult added onto an old injury.

Then my identity

Became my greatest enemy.

Each day I struggle with withdrawal,

And the bitter feeling of betrayal

That keeps knocking at my door

Slowly destroying me from my core.

I wish I could have a way

Of getting this lump out my gut.

Go some place far away

Get over the hurt.

And end the sorrow

That pains me to mine marrow.

© Genu1nelypoetic 2018


Two face

His skin was dark as tar,

His heart a deep, dark jar.

On his face was a smile,

As much as he lived on a dark isle.

He lived like a king,

Soaring high on an eagle’s wing.

Joy to the world he gave,

Spreading it by a mere wave.

No one saw the devil beneath his skin

So with open arms they let him in.

He walked with a gait,

Thinking he could control fate.

He was too proud

Living a life so loud.

He was a true friend indeed,

Always there in the time of need.

But in between us developed a sore

That made everything sour.

From his life I was banned

As if nothing ever occurred.

I gave him my heart,

And he tore it apart.

Into my heart, he drove a pin

And later threw it in a bin.

Now fear trickles down my spine.

Prohibiting me from being fine.

I wish I could take it all back.

And get my life back on track…


Oh you demon with a halo

Had I known, had I seen your

Red color earlier

I wouldn’t be nursing wounds

Of the heart break you caused me

To you I came with love,

Showering you with words

sweeter than honey.

Like a loyal spouse

I stood by your side

Even when the entire

world was against you.

When you broke the bridge

between us

I rebuilt it and

strengthened it with

steel and iron bars.

You now find flaws

and repay with blows

Every night a tear flows

closer to my end draws

me. My heart bleeds, never glows

Our masked love in ruin wallows.

A doubled headed creature you are

Changing lanes to be

“With me” today and

” against me” tomorrow.

Then you’ll come and call me darling,

“I love you, ” you keep saying

And expect all is well – going.

Though I must admit that

I shall never forget you


Life’s journey

Around this world I’ve been walking,

An answer I’ve been searching.

I dived the deepest sea

For wonder to see.

Climbed the highest mountain

For a magical experience to obtain.

Though I found no answer,

I searched further.

The meaning of life.

The reason behind our strife.

The need of a friend,

When your heart they always bend.

However, one thing I learned,

From what I searched,

A price all shall pay

For their chosen way.